Xerafy Wins the Rising Stars Award at CHINICT 2012

By Dennis Khoo, Xerafy CEO

Here at Xerafy, we try to integrate innovation in everything we do, and being recognized by our industry peers as well as the media as the most promising tech rising star is a great endorsement to our pursuit of the challenges ahead.

CHINICT 2012, in its 8th consecutive year at the Tsinghua University Science Park in Beijing, is an event focused on bringing the most innovative and the fastest-growing ICT (information and communication technologies), potential investors and media together. China’s role as the “sweatshop of the world” is coming to an end, and a new breed of entrepreneurs is changing this market into a hotbed of global tech entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Rising Stars competition awards up-and-coming technology companies across various categories and include among its past winners, LinkedIn, Youku, Playfish and Inside Contactless, where I had the pleasure to help start-up their APAC business from 2002-2007.

Xerafy is among this year’s winners for its innovation in RFID and for conceiving an entirely different solution to the industrial market with its embedded technology, ultra-small metal tags and revolutionary metal-friendly labels.

In an interview format at the conference, I shared the company’s vision and value proposition to a packed audience (although I believe this may have had more to do with Eduardo Saverin, Facebook’s co-founder, speaking before me). While the journey has not all been a bed of roses, learning from failure at Xerafy is what helps us to improve our ability to innovate and manage risks better. It is this pursuit of innovation has enabled us to change the context of the read-on metal market place in which we operate and remain relevant and competitive in today’s business

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