Partner Spotlight : RFIQ and Xerafy break down the cost barrier for RFID adoption in South Africa

RFIQ Red Logo - MediumXerafy’s extensive network of partners represent innovative RFID solutions implemented around the globe. This week’s blog features RFIQ, a leading RFID turnkey solutions provider in South Africa that is redefining the RFID landscape in Africa. Thanks to Conrad Taljaard, Managing Director of RFIQ for his contribution to the blog.

1) How is your company positioned in the RFID industry?

RFIQ was created back in 2011, but we have been involved in the RFID industry since 2005. We are an RFID solution provider company based in Johannesburg South Africa and make RFID come alive. RFID is not simply a small division in our company but forms a major part of what we do on a daily basis. We offer solutions in terms of LF, HF as well as UHF RFID technology. We have successfully combined other technologies like biometrics with RFID — making it possible not only to manage RFID enabled products but to manage the human identification associated with the RFID items. We are an integrator partner, developing in-house applications, systems and integrating these with other systems. As a complete turn-key solutions provider, we provide world leading technology and assist customers on a daily basis to make the correct selection in terms of tags, and we pride ourselves in the actual implementation and ongoing support.

2) Tell us about an interesting RFID application you’ve worked on or been working on?

Fire-Equipment-Cape-TownWe have been involved in many interesting RFID projects ranging from issue and return solutions using biometrics to maintenance application in terms of fire equipment asset management using Xerafy’s Metal Skins. Xerafy’s Metal Skin was chosen because it is cost effective, high performance and easy to print, encode and apply around curved surfaces securely.We have also deployed the CargoTrak in many applications ranging from vehicle and trailer management to mining applications because it is IP68 and provides up to 12m of read range reliably. One of the most popular tags in the market remains the Xerafy NanoXII offering good all around stability, ruggedness and high performance to size. We recently completed a merger with BlueChip Holdings and should see some very interesting applications coming from the divisions in the group.

3) What do you find most challenging in your business?

The most challenging issues in RFID are not so much the limitations in terms of applications anymore. Xerafy is a market visionary who has continued to bring innovative products that has assisted greatly to break down these barriers. The applications are now limitless and simply up to imagination and proper testing and planning. The major barrier we find is still the cost of RFID and that companies still try to compare the product costs to normal barcodes. We have also seen a lot of inferior products flooding the market resulting in bad results, inconsistent quality and performance and hurting the industry. RFIQ only supports companies like Xerafy who provide good quality products and service to back it up. We ensure all equipment supported by us is approved for use in the relevant countries we operate in and comply with international as well as local regulations.

4) How do you predict the RFID market trend in South Africa?

RFID is still a new concept on the continent of Africa and systems integration is key to adoption. RFIQ has been working very hard to make this easier, and we have developed a cloud-based system that not only makes it easier to collect and update information via fixed and mobile RFID readers but shares that information with other systems. We have successfully RFID enabled two ERP systems used widely across the continent. Globalization and the fact that companies are no longer bound by borders will drive adoption. More and more cases are being made internationally with great success stories that makes it easier to justify the investment and convince companies that the technology has come of age and is ready for mass adoption.

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