2019 Forecast for the Industrial IoT Industry

Experts predict for the Industrial IoT industry in the coming year and what trends to look out for

As 2018 comes to a close in a few weeks’ time, it is when the industry begins to plan for the coming year ahead and make predictions about the trends and market dynamics that will arise in 2019. To observe what will happen in the coming year, we have followed the Forbes article on their IoT predictions for 2019.

In the Forbes Article, Daniel Newman, Principal Analyst of Futurum Research and CEO of Broadsuite Media Group, covers a broad range of topics, bringing up 5 general predictions for the IoT industry in 2019. They are namely:  Overall IoT Growth Across the Board, Deeper Penetration in the Manufacturing and Healthcare Industries, Increased Security at End Points, Smart Common Areas in Cities Around the World, Increased Market Penetration of Connected Smart Cars.

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Newman talks about how in recent years, IoT technology is growing at an exponential rate. According to IT Pro, this year alone, around 3.6 billion devices that are connected to the Internet are used for daily tasks. IoT is on a upward trajectory as management of big data comes to the forefront.

A notable point of interest for Xerafy’s customers will be the deeper penetration in the manufacturing and healthcare industries. Newman said that IoT is a key driver of transformation in several industries, especially manufacturing. Sensors, RFID tags, and smart beacons have ignited the  next industrial revolution. By 2019, 87% of healthcare organizations will have adopted IoT technology. Through IoT, manufacturers will be able to prevent delays, improve production performance, reduce equipment downtime and manage inventory.

Xerafy is poised to take advantage of the increasing demand in Industrial IoT, specialising in manufacturing rugged RFID solutions for the healthcare and manufacturing sector. Xerafy’s RAIN RFID-based solutions help hospitals to track thousands of surgical instruments, improving patient safety and reducing costs with more optimised asset management.


Leading aircraft maintenance and engineering company HAECO automated their tool management process using Xerafy’s RFID solutions, reducing costs and improving accountability. The same technology is used successfully in the oil & gas and other industries to improve asset visibility and optimization.

Will IoT play an important role in your business in 2019? How do you see Xerafy’s products taking your business to the next level in the Industrial IoT space?  Leave a comment below, or contact us and share your story.

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